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Big Bend Adventure 2016

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Author: Keith Mack/Friday, April 01, 2016/Categories: Outdoor News

The Spring Backpacking Trip to Big Bend was a great time to get to know and build relationship with brothers in Christ. The theme for this year was "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost". God told Abraham to leave his home and go to a new land. God didn't give Abraham a map or direction, just go, and by faith he went. Going to Big Bend for trip planning is a challenge as we have to go on faith and let God work out our camp sites once arriving. Some sites we have to travel hours to find in the desert but the solitude and great vast majesty is what He wanted us to see. The truth I learned this week that sometimes in life it takes more faith to wander with Christ and let Him show us one step at a time rather than it does to have it all figured out.

Article Submitted by Brad Blanchard
Trip Leader for Texas Baptist Men