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Disaster relief begins in Houston; recovery continues in SE Texas

Author: Anonym/Friday, April 29, 2016/Categories: TBM News

HOUSTON—As floodwaters began to recede, Texas Baptists assessed needs and initiated disaster relief in the Houston area while wrapping up relief and beginning long-term recovery in Southeast Texas.

Texas Baptist Men disaster relief workers established a command post in the Copperfield area of northwest Houston, and volunteer chaplains offered prayer and spiritual support to flood victims.

AmeriCorps volunteers who had worked with TBM crews in the Orange area also relocated to northwest Harris County.

In Katy, west of Houston, TBM mud-out teams cleaned eight homes, removed damaged drywall and flooring from 11 houses and completed nine mold-remediation jobs.

TBM mud-out crews also worked on several homes around Smithville in Bastrop County. Last year, TBM chainsaw crews and heavy-equipment operators served there after wildfires swept through the Hidden Pines area.

TBM completed disaster relief ministries in East Texas, where workers donated 1,844 volunteer hours in five locations. TBM volunteers prepared 11,113 meals, distributed 8,133 boxes residents used to collect their scattered possessions, presented 163 Bibles, provided access to 1,114 showers and washed 1,546 loads of laundry. Mud-out crews cleaned 143 homes, tore damaged material from 159 houses, pressure-washed 49 houses and completed 155 mold-remediation jobs.

Mobilizing volunteers for Houston

TBM has began mobilizing volunteers for short-term and long-range projects in Houston.

TBM is accepting church groups to assist in daylong or half-day cleanup projects in the Houston area. 

To contribute to TBM disaster relief, click here or send a check designated “disaster relief” to Texas Baptist Men, 5351 Catron, Dallas 75227.

Our thanks to Ken Camp and The Baptist Standard for this article.