Texas Baptist Men


East Texas Floods

Author: Anonym/Thursday, April 21, 2016/Categories: DR News

Once again the rains have come to our state,

Causing floods and heart ache as we watch and wait.


From Caddo Lake to Orange and all in between,

TBM in their yellow shirts are already being seen.


Feeding, Showers, Laundry, and of course Mud out,

Volunteers are working, there is no doubt.


The task is great, the work is hard,

At the end of each day the volunteers are tired.


God has called each of us to help those in need,

And in each heart perhaps plant a seed.


A hug, a prayer, or perhaps tear out a wall,

TBM’s volunteers are standing tall.


This road will be long, the numbers are so great,

But God’s call has come and you would not wait.


Thanks to each of you who have answered the call,

You are such a blessing to one and all.


Thanks for your efforts and the sacrifices you make,

God only knows the impact on Heaven’s gate.


God Bless You!

Ralph Rogers