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GAs provide WASH kits to TBM Water Ministry

Author: Jessica Fletcher/Friday, July 07, 2017/Categories: Water Ministry News


By: Russ Michaud


Girls in Action (GA) Summer Camp was held at Camp Copass this past June, approximately 150 girls in 1st thru 6th grades along with Acteen volunteers were in attendance.


Along with lots of outdoor summer activities the GAs also work on several mission projects that assist missionaries in their work. One of the mission projects they undertook this year was to help the Texas Baptist Men’s water ministry team by providing them with WASH kits that are used to train people about the need for sanitation as a key part of addressing waterborne disease issues.


Currently waterborne diseases are a leading cause of death in many parts of the world. Over 6000 deaths occur every day and a large majority of them are preventable with simple sanitation practices.


The GAs learned about the importance of clean water and hygiene, and the water infrastructure we have here in the US. (We are truly blessed to have as much clean water as we need as close as our nearest faucet). They also learned that in many parts of the world it is a very different situation and that in the absence of plumbing kids their age are often tasked with carrying water, which is heavy!


The TBM water ministry works worldwide to provide clean water through well drilling and repair, point of use water filters, and sanitation training. They partner with ‘in country’ churches and use the WASH kits to train the trainers who serve the communities the churches are in: providing not only the training but also presenting the Gospel as part of the classes. The GAs created 25 WASH kits that will help save some of those 6000 lives… and even better, opportunities to spread the good news!