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Ghana Water Ministry Project

Author: Jessica Fletcher/Tuesday, May 23, 2017/Categories: Water Ministry News

Women and children can be seen pumping water 24 hours a day from a lone well in upper Ghana. The silhouettes of these women quietly walking through the village during the night can be seen regularly. Three villages depend on this 20-year-old well with a heavily used hand pump.

The neighboring villages have only broken pumps so they must walk up to six miles to this pump to draw water in large bowls called "head pans." Each of these pans will hold about five gallons of water weighing 40 pounds, which they carry on their heads.

There is the constant fear that the only well may break or dry up. Cattle huddle around it hoping for some spilled water.

There is tension and resentment between the villages as women and children continue to come into the village for their water needs. It is a dire situation.

In June, TBM Water Ministry will travel to the “frontier” region of Northern Ghana. We are providing two water wells but also are addressing the problem of the many broken wells. It has been estimated that 30% of all the water wells in Africa are broken forcing the women and children to draw water from polluted open water sources which dry up 6 months of the year,  or more commonly walking many hours a day and to draw the water and carry it home. Our team will teach a group of local people from the sponsoring church how to repair these broken wells. This will alleviate the water issue while being a door into the community to disciple and plant churches. TBM Water Ministry is working to help with these water-related needs without creating a dependency. Our motto is "Share, Equip, Provide."

•            Share God's Word and love by working alongside those in need incorporating biblical principles.

•            Equip communities by giving them the tools, equipment and training they need to drill and repair water wells, purify water, and create healthy homes by practicing good health and hygiene.

•            Provide dignity for those we help by teaching them to take care of their own needs.

We offer hope for a better future. We do not give charity; we provide opportunity.

At the completion of the training, each team is able to continue the work providing the necessary water and training for their own people. It is their project, for their people, by their people. They own it.

If you would like to partner with us by helping the local team in Ghana continue the water well repair ministry please donate here