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Katy, Texas Locals Send Thanks to TBM

Family is grateful for the help they received from TBM.

Author: Tracie Bjorkgren/Thursday, June 30, 2016/Categories: DR News

My family is Grateful and Blessed that the TBM (Texas Baptist Men) Disaster Relief Crew of the Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy an organization ran by the
Texas Baptist Churches came out and helped my 
grandmother Gloria Bartman and my step grandfather Bill Pates who has live at  
406 Cowhide for over 30 years who are in there 90"s. This AWESOME crew came out and completely removed and gutted everything out of her house within 2 day, and the blessed part about it is they did it all for FREE. I remember when I was 16 yrs, old about 25 yrs. ago my grandmother lived in the same house and we helped her move everything out of the house because the Brazon River was going to flood Valley Lodge. It was not as bad as the flood we faced. I do remember the water got as far as Chisolm Trail barely missing
the ROUNDUP. We only ended 
up with 1" to 2" of
water in her house back then.
We never thought it would 
flood her house almost 
with 2 feet of water.
I just wanted to share this with 
everyone. GOD BLESS and thank YOU to the TBM Crew. 

Sent in by Michael S. Lagas