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Louisiana Flooding Victims Still Trapped by High Water

Author: Tracie Bjorkgren/Wednesday, August 31, 2016/Categories: DR News

The rains came, the water was rising, and tens of thousands fled their homes.  Communities around Baton Rouge, LA, were devastated.  Amid all of the chaos there were hundreds of families that were facing the rising water, but were unable to flee to safety.  The roads were covered in water and were not passable.

As the rain continued to fall the flooded roads became even more impassable.  Family and friends came to the rescue of literally thousands of people throughout the countryside.  People brought boats, tractors, and jacked-up pickup trucks and traversed the flooded roads to reach the trapped families.  The boats, tractors and high-wheel pickups transported food, water, and dry clothing to those trapped by the flooded roads.  

For many days there was no other source of support.  Some families were trapped in their homes for several days waiting for neighbors to get to them.  As the flood waters began to recede, the roads became passable by regular pickups and some autos.  

Just about the time the roads were becoming passable, more rain came.  But the people had figured out how to overcome their challenge.  'Normal life' had changed, but the new normal will eventually give way to dry land and a return to the way things used to be.  
~ Article submitted by Bob Andrews,
Area Coordinatoar - Central Texas

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