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TBM Basketball Tournament 2016

An Awesome Day of Seeing God at Work

Author: Keith Mack/Wednesday, March 09, 2016/Categories: Challengers News

What an awesome day it was at the Texas Baptist Men’s State Basketball Tournament in Belton, Texas on March 5th, 2016. From the moment that the first ball was tossed up into the air until the final buzzer sounded that day, there was plenty of action and the opportunity to behold God at work in the lives of the Leaders to mentor young men on how to become men of God.

Carlos Francis from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas was the special guest speaker. He challenged each of the young men and Leaders to prayerfully consider the choices that they are making and encouraged them to make a public declaration for their commitment to serve Christ. When Carlos finished speaking, a total of 210 young men and Leaders had made their way from the bleachers to stand on the court, proclaiming their commitment to serve Christ as Lord and Savior.

During the tournament, it is inspiring to witness many leaders taking the time to mentor the young men on how to compete as an athlete. From the coaches, to the event leaders and also the officials who not only called the games but also took extra time to share with the players how to play the game. As event leaders, we see the young men for one day as they do their best at the tournament. The coaches at the local church continue to serve as a mentor for each of the young men that they invited to participate in the tournament.

There were a total of 26 teams from 6 associations that participated in the three tournaments. The action was fast paced as the young men worked together as a team to compete against other teams for the opportunity to win the championship trophy in their division for their church. However, the largest trophy that is awarded each year in each of the divisions is presented to the team that receives recognition for their sportsmanship both on and off the court.

Click here for information concerning the State Basketball Tournaments. Listed below are the results for this past weekend:

Challengers I Tournament (6th through 9th grades)
Sportsmanship: St James Baptist Church (Austin)
Champion: New Creation (San Antonio)
2nd Place: Resurrection (San Antonio)
3rd Place: New Hope (Garland)
Consolation: St. James Baptist Church (Austin)

Challengers II Tournament (9th through 12th grades)
Sportsmanship: Bethlehem Baptist Church (Mansfield)
Champion: Bethlehem Baptist Church (Mansfield)
2nd Place: Everlasting Life (Garland)
3rd Place: Quest Life (Garland)
Consolation: Good Hope (Houston)

YAMMS Tournament (18 to 35 Young Adult Men)
Sportsmanship: Mount Horum (Fort Worth)
Champion: St. James Baptist Church (Austin)
2nd Place: Mount Horum (Fort Worth)
Consolation: South Oaks (Arlington)