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TBM is up and running at First Baptist Church in Jennings, LA

Author: Tracie Bjorkgren/Tuesday, August 23, 2016/Categories: DR News

TBM is up and running at First Baptist Church, Jennings, LA.  Water in the surrounding communities is slowly receding and we are now able get into some of these areas.  With over 55 volunteers currently on site more on the way, the Command Post is busy sending out assessors and chaplains, and mudout teams are working hard in the LA humidity.  Two feeding teams are preparing meals for volunteers as well as beginning to take food into the community via Salvation Army Canteens with TBM chaplains riding along.  A child care team has been deployed to assist with children of church volunteers who are going out with our teams.  A box unit is delivering boxes in surrounding areas.  Also on site is a shower/laundry unit and mobile re-charging station. 


Louisiana Baptist Convention has opened abbreviated mudout training at local churches and we have led three trainings in the surrounding area.


Continue to pray for the people Louisiana.  This is a big event in their state and the need is great.  Just today we met with several who had to come out by boat to get supplies. 


If you are interested in responding, be sure to connect with your unit leader or email tbmresponse2015@gmail.com

If you want to help the victims with a donation click HERE.