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TBM Presents Health and Hygiene In Nigeria

Author: Barry Smith/Thursday, April 14, 2016/Categories: Water Ministry News

In November, 2015 Texas Baptist Men sent the Health and Hygiene program to Eku, Nigeria.

The people there don’t understand that their age old way of doing daily tasks is causing them to be sick. In fact 2,000 children die every day in Africa from dehydration caused by diarrhea. 90% of these deaths could have been prevented with clean water and simple hygiene practices.  But they can’t do what they don’t know.



Sarah Howell, DeeDee Wint, Mary Kay Posey, Erin Hinton teaching the staff and adults of the Leper Colony about germ transmission by using glitter.




Many families have basins of water they set out for the day for hand washing. These are germ collectors. The importance of running water was stressed. This would be simply pouring water over hands instead of dipping them in the dirty basin.



DeeDee Wint showing oral rehydration to the Shepherd Care Orphanage staff


Since dehydration is such a serious problem we taught how to rehydrate using oral rehydration solution. A special spoon was given to them with measuring spoons on each end; the small one for salt, the larger for sugar.  This is added to one cup of water and stirred. This simple, inexpensive solution saves lives and allows families a way help their families when they don’t have access to medical help, or can’t afford it.

Over 820 people heard simple, effective, and doable ways to improve their health, but more importantly, they heard of the love of Jesus Christ and the powerful change He makes in lives!