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TBM Ready to Help with Hurricane Matthew Victims

Author: Tracie Bjorkgren/Monday, October 10, 2016/Categories: DR News

As the Caribbean and the east coast watched, prepared and waited for Hurricane Matthew, TBM did the same ready to respond where needed.  Florida requested we be prepared to serve 30,000 meals after landfall.  However, Florida was spared the brunt of the storm as it stayed just off the coast inflicting much less destruction than originally anticipated.  At this time, Florida and neighboring states expect to be able to meet those needs.  

In the meantime, Matthew continued up the coast to wreak havoc in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  TBM has been asked to be prepared to redirect to North Carolina once the water has receded and assessments begin.  Depending on the amount of damage, we could be deployed sometime this week or closer states may be able to cover it.  Once again, this is a waiting game.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to deploy for your flexibility remembering having to readjust our plans is nothing compared to those lives lost and the hundreds of thousands of survivors who have had their lives turned upside down.  Again, we wait and are ready to answer the call when needed.

In the meantime, operations in Haiti and Cuba are being assessed and TBM is evaluating how we can best assist those countries.

Submitted by Rachel Schieck 

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