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Water Ministry Team Provides Clean Water to Northern Ghana Region

Author: Jessica Fletcher/Tuesday, June 20, 2017/Categories: Water Ministry News

Saturday, June 11, Village of Kampala, Ghana, Northern Region, West Africa. 

What an amazing day. 

A team from Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry is here to provide clean drinking water for the people of this region who desperately need it. Because of the difficult drilling conditions here, we contracted 2 wells to be drilled. The first was in the town of Tuna and has been so successful that it may be capable of supplying the whole town of 2000. The second well was in the village of Kampala. 

After a night of hard rain, we traveled over rough roads to the village to dedicate the well. Our crew had gone out earlier to finish it up. When we got there people were gathering for a celebration. They had been waiting for water for 25 YEARS! That's how long their old well had been bad. They were chased away when they went to get water in other villages because people thought they were cursed because they could not get water in their own village. In the mean time, they were walking a long ways to the river to get nasty water that was full of typhoid and no telling what else. 

We were told that the local witch doctor was very unhappy we were there and did his best to prevent the well being drilled. But since it had been completed, he actually came to the party. 

These people were so incredibly grateful. We must have shaken 500 hands. They brought out the musical instruments and there was much dancing and singing. We will post more when we return to good internet service. 

A church has been planted there through the efforts of Frontier Missions Network, our partner organization here, and is doing well. It has about 50 members.

By: TIm WInt