Texas Baptist Men



The Builders help Baptist churches and organizations build facilities they otherwise could not afford. We have a number of ministry areas including the following:

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Church Builders

Church Builders travel throughout Texas building facilities for churches unable to pay labor costs for construction. In 20 years, TBM Church Builders have constructed more than 400 churches.

For more information, contact:
Dan Six
Church Builder Coordinator 
940-825-4943 (h) 
940-867-3129 (c)




Camp Builders

Camp Builders provide free labor to help Texas Baptist encampments expand their ministries through additional or renovated facilities. The Camp Builders have constructed over 50 camp buildings throughout the state.

For more information, contact:
Rex Bruton
Camp Builder Coordinator




Project Builders

Project Builders offer volunteer labor for assignments outside of Texas or outside the scope of other TBM Builder projects. The Project Builders erected an 18,000 square-foot building at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, near Calgary, Alberta. Other projects have included My Father's House in Lubbock, Baptist Memorials in San Angelo, Fair Haven in Midland and Son Valley in Canton, Mississippi.

For more information, contact:
Bill Pigott
Retiree Builders Director
(903) 593-4051 (h)
(214) 707-4379 (c)




Cabinet Builders

If your church or other organization needs handmade cabinets, let us help!

For more information, contact:
Ralph Stephenson
Cabinet Builders Coordinator
(210) 846-1715 (c)




Furniture Builders

Since 1996, this group has built over 3,000 pieces of furniture for various Baptist churches, organizations and camps throughout the country, including bunk beds, headboards, dressers and desks.

For more information, contact:
Harold Cheatheam
Furniture Builders Coordinator
(817)578-4402 (c)




Brick Masons

This group has provided numerous camps and churches with brick walls and fences and other masonry work. We're looking to recruit a few good brick layers, or those willing to learn. Come help us build for eternity!

For more information, contact:
Raymond Shaw
Masonry Builder Coordinator
817-312-5429 (c)




Disaster Recovery Builders

This group responds to the needs of churches, camps and other organization that suffer loss due to disasters. This group of builders has helped rebuild homes, churches and retreat centers damaged due to fires and hurricanes.

For more information, contact:

Bill Pigott
Retiree Builders Director
(903) 593-4051 (h)
(214) 707-4379 (c)




Dallas Area Builders

The Dallas Area Builders work on small projects in the Dallas area that the other building groups are not able to accomplish.

For more information, contact our coordinator at: (214) 707-4379




Hispanic Builders

For more information, contact:
Santos Gaitan
Hispanic Builders Coordinator
(316) 547-3047 (h)
(316) 215-3096 (c)