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TBM Builders help Central Baptist Church Italy with their New Family Life Center

Author: Tracie Bjorkgren/Friday, September 30, 2016/Categories: Builders News

Texas Baptist Men Retiree Builders traveled to Italy, Texas in September to help Central Baptist Church with construction of their new Family Life Center. The $350,000 project is scheduled for completion by Christmas of this year.

Dan Six, State Coordinator of Church Builders, was theLead Carpenter on this project. He was assisted by at least 25 volunteers each day. Central members worked along side the TBM carpenters, electricians, plumbers and brick masons. On September 18, the TBM members also led the morning worshipservice at Central.

When 19 campers filled with TBM volunteers and their wives rolled into the town of 1,600, it caused quite a stir. The volunteers and their wives were welcomed with curiosity, handshakes and smiles. The Central members are very thankful for the help of the TBM volunteers. The work the carpenters did on the building saved the church at least $20,000 and helped them with completion of the project.

“Lots of people are willing to help people they know. These men are some of the rare breed who are willing to help strangers in a way that truly disrupts their own lives,” said Central Baptist Pastor, Joseph Barrett. “They come to a town they don’t know, to achurch they don’t know, with a commitment to live there two weeks. It goes to show that the Christian family is truly ever present from place to place.”

This article written by one of our members, Karen Mathiowetz.  She submits articles regularly to our Italy online newspaper, the NeoTribune.  We really appreciate the blessings of the new friendships made and the work done on our behalf in getting our new community youth center built. Thank you again for all your help.

~ Submitted by Susan Wooten, Central Baptist Church