Texas Baptist Men



Challengers Events

Young men like participating in events with their leaders and other youth. The state wide Challengers events provides an opportunity for Challengers groups to engage in mission education events and meets other Challengers groups. The following information provide the basic information for the state wide events and ideas for planing and conducting group and associational events.

Interest Activities

Interest activities are an important part of Challengers. Interest activities include camping, games, sports, campcraft, hobbies, crafts, physical fitness, and many other similar activities. These are all planned within the framework of the youth’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

All activities planned for Challengers should have plenty of appeal for young men. Challengers enjoy doing things and like to have fun in the process. Interest activities create a great deal of enthusiasm among the young men and are one of the primary avenues for learning new skills.

On-Missions Activities

On-mission activities are at the very heart of Challengers. These activities are designed to help expand the Challenger's knowledge and to help them give expression to their Christian commitment. Their service through on-mission activities extends their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring all people to Christ and glorify God.

To achieve its purpose, a missions activity must have a purpose and be well-planned. Involve the group members in planning the project, and incorporate their ideas into the plans.