Texas Baptist Men



TBM Communications Fellowship exists for people who share their time, talents and equipment to provide a network of communications during disasters or special events.

Types of Communicators in this Fellowship include:

  • Disaster Relief Communicators (paperwork and general administrative roles)
  • Computer and Internet Operators
  • Amateur Ham Radio Operators

Some communicators deploy with a specific relief unit such as a chainsaw team or kitchen, some deploy with a Communications Unit, some deploy on an as-needed assignment. Some of our members do not deploy, but work as trainers, planners, equippers and equipment maintainers.

Disaster Relief communications pre-dates some of our contemporary technology. Through the ages, the leadership principal is to have specially-qualified people set aside to handle aspects of communications. The "disaster recovery" effort in Nehemiah 4 in the Bible is a great example. As the incident command structure for that project is described in this chapter, we find that a special communicator is designated in verse 18 - the bugle player! With time, technology has changed and we have adapt to the available options for the particular incident.

Our fellowship is about equipping ourselves for a variety of communications tasks and roles common to the efforts and projects of Texas Baptist Men.

For more information, contact:

Carl Jeans
Communications Fellowship Vice President
806-220-3266 Cell