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Couples on Mission Rio De Janeiro Trip

Author: Anonym/Tuesday, November 03, 2015/Categories: Couples on Mission News

Texas Baptist Men's Couples on Mission ministry group has been invited to assist the Mega City Strategist for the International Mission Board in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  He has requested help with prayer walking and doing surveys in various areas of Rio.  These surveys are designed to lead to spiritual conversations that can result in salvations and create interest in spiritual truth. This initiative is designed to assist current churches as well as prospective church planters in having critical information about the people in these communities. 

Prospective trip dates:
     April 8 -16, 2016 or
     April 22 -29, 2016

A visa is required for entry into the country.

Let us know as soon as possible of your interest in this opportunity!

Respond to this invitation by contacting: 
Russell Schieck
Couples on Mission VP
Texas Baptist Men