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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Ministries

TBM trains volunteers and coordinates efforts to provide prompt assistance to disaster victims and emergency support in times of disaster. TBM has been involved in Disaster Relief in Texas and around the world since 1967.

Disaster Relief ministry includes (click on each one for a description):

Asset Protection

The purpose of Asset Protection is to be "gate keepers" so deployed volunteers can minister and witness to others in their time of need. The primary duty of Asset Protection is to assist in preventing loss of property, prevent tampering or contamination of food and equipment, and to preserve the safety of those whom God has called to service at a Texas Baptist Men disaster relief site.






Assessors are generally deployed prior to arrival of chainsaw, Flood & Fire Recovery, and other Units.  Their purpose is to assess homes that have requested assistance and prepare completed Home Owner Request for Assistance forms for use by the arriving units or Incident Command Team.  


Box Ministry

The Box Ministry provides assistance to disaster survivors in the form of boxes, packing paper, tape and "Messages of Hope". We provide supplies for disaster survivors to move or store their remaining possessions.  


Men and women who work on the Disaster Relief chainsaw teams serve the Lord by cutting limbs and trees which have fallen on survivor’s home or property. It is our pledge to do our best using the specialized equipment provided to us and the skills we have developed, to help those who have been harmed by disasters and emergencies whenever possible.


Chaplains provide spiritual and emotional care to deployed unit volunteers, and other persons impacted by disasters. 



TBM operates two Disaster Relief childcare units. Both trailers are equipped with supplies to set up a fully functional daycare for newborn children through age 7. The ministry is a channel of God's love to a community that is trying to recover to an ordered lifestyle following a disruption in their lifestyle, ranging from a single-family disaster to a near catastrophic disaster. May we continue to be servant-minded, modeling servanthood as Jesus did when he washed the feet of the disciples. 


The Feeding Ministry prepares and serves hot meals for those affected by disaster. We work with the state of Texas, FEMA, American Red Cross, Salvation Army and local churches to accomplish this goal.  The objectives of the Feeding Ministry are to show God's love by our Christian actions, to meet physical needs by providing a hot meal in Jesus' name, and meeting emotional needs through prayer or a listening ear. 

Flood & Fire Recovery

The Flood & Fire Recovery Ministry has equipment to assist disaster victims of floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. The purpose of the ministry, in addition to cleaning homes and job sites, is to always reflect the love that Christ showed us, to attract and motivate people to Kingdom work, equipping workers and leaders with skills and information to do cleanout recovery, offering a "cup of water" in Jesus' name (spiritual, emotional and physical help). 

Heavy Equipment

The men and women who work in the Disaster Relief heavy equipment ministry are there to support/aid other units, mainly chainsaw and Flood & Fire Recovery. We can work as a stand-alone unit if the situation warrants. Heavy Equipment includes skid steers, man lift, fork lifts, UTV’s, and similar equipment.  In addition to the heavy equipment work, we share the Gospel and pray with families of each project as the Holy Spirit leads. 

Incident Management Teams

The Incident Management Team is responsible for management of all aspect of the disaster.  The team will generally include Operations, Logistics, Administration, and a staff Chaplain.



International Response

TBM provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in international responses.  International response will generally be coordinated by Baptist Global Response.



Leadership Development

TBM provides opportunities for volunteers to become leaders at the unit level and at the state level.


Rapid Assessment Teams

TBM ministry provides volunteers to respond immediately after a disaster to assess the damage and determine the needed response for TBM Disaster Relief Units.




During times of disaster, this ministry provides hot showers and clean clothes for disaster survivors as well as TBM volunteers and other disaster relief agencies such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA and the National Guard. During non-disasters, shower/laundry units are used in church mission trips, secular sporting events (bicycle and marathon races) and in homeless ministry. By meeting physical needs, these units also have the opportunity to meet spiritual needs. 

Support Units

This Ministry provides support, as needed, to units deployed in the field

Support Units:

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
This ministry replaces durable medical equipment for survivors of disasters.

Radio Communications
The Radio Communications Ministry provides logistical support for units deployed    in the field to insure the effective flow of information when other modes of communication are less effective, inadequate, or entirely absent.  This can include the use of commercial band radios which do not require the use of licensed individual operators or the use of licensed amateur radio operators.  It can also incorporate the use of use of voice or digital modes to communicate between TBM units or to outside agencies.

* Recharging Station
The recharging ministry provides facilities and equipment to recharge cell phones, lab tops, tablets, and many other “batteries”.  It also provides cell and internet service enhancement.

* Water Filter Support
The Water Filter Support Ministry provides maintenance and repair to water filters should by feeding and shower/laundry units

Temporary Roofing

The Temporary Roofing Ministry provides and installs temporary protection for roof damage caused by disaster. This is a tangible reminder that God's love covers and protects all our needs.