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God invites us to celebrate His work in the world. The On Mission Celebration is designed to be a festive time of celebration because God is at work in our world. An OMC can help each believer explore how his or her gift can be used in an on-mission lifestyle. Through the On Mission Celebration, attendees celebrate God’s activities throughout the world and anticipate where they might be able to join God on mission.

The OMC is not complete until participants discover personal opportunities to be on mission with God. Participants can explore various options, including praying, giving and going. They will be moved from learning about the on-mission lifestyle to actually being on mission with God.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will participate? An association of churches – either the local Baptist association or a group of 5 or more churches.
  • How long does the celebration last? Length varies from one to four days.
  • Who organizes the celebration? Usually the OMC Vision Team and coordinator gives direction to the OMC. The OMC Planning Resource provides detailed information.
  • Who enlists the missionaries? The IMB, NAMB and state conventions (exception being Texas, where the Associational vision team enlists state missionaries).
  • What are financial obligations? The association is fully responsible for all expenses related to the OMC.

It’s time to celebrate God’s work in the world, anticipate our role in God’s mission and make a personal commitment to an on-mission lifestyle. Lead your church or association to schedule an On Mission Celebration!

For more information concerning On Mission Celebrations contact Texas Baptist Men at tbm@texasbaptistmen.org or call (214) 275-1121.