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The Medical / Dental Fellowship of Texas Baptist Men provides an opportunity for believers to share Christ's love with those who are lost by meeting physical needs. People are drawn to Jesus when they understand that he cares for them and is able to meet their needs. As such, volunteers in this ministry seek to share Christ's love and compassion in a tangible, demonstrable expression.

There are many ways that you can use your God-given skills, talents or profession to make a difference in medical missions, both locally and around the world. 


Medical missions units work from the shoulders of a strong base of construction and maintenance teams, administrators, nurses and chaplains, as well as med-tech, bio-tech and info-tech personnel.

Around the United States, many free faith-based clinics also are helping churches to touch lives by providing access to health care. For many people, having access to care and prescription drugs is a challenge; this ministry seeks to respond to that challenge. A faith-based health clinic may not be appropriate for every church, but those of us at TBM believe "where there's a will, there's a way." You and your church can provide medical missions where you live.

For more information, contact:

Lee Baggett
Medical/Dental Fellowship Vice President
806-355-7880 (h)
806-220-5805 (c)

We believe in the power of prayer and ask that you please pray for this area of medical ministry. The professionals on the field are impacted by the power of your prayers.