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Africa Hunting

Texas Baptist Men offers two Africa Hunting adventures each year.  Please contact the group leaders for each of these hunting opportunities for more information.

South Africa - Plains Game Hunt:

Come to South Africa and participate in a Plains Game Hunt.  A group travels to South Africa each June for an unforgettable adventure.

4 Animals - 7 Day Hunt

Unbelievable Rate plus Airfare

Includes outstanding hunting lodge accommodations, excellent guides, and an unforgettable experience.  Northern Transval area - near Botswana border.


For more information, contact:

Bryan Finley (has been traveling to South Africa and hunting for more than 20 years)
(800) 274-5133


Africa Hunt - Namibia, South Africa (Contact Bryan Houser for tentative dates)

Come join an exciting, 7 day hunt on the fabled plains and hills of northern Namibia. Excellent fair chase hunting on a 20,000 acre unfenced ranch. Prices reflect a substantial discount on normal rates. The rancher and professional hunter is a Christian and welcomes the opportunity to share his love and vast knowledge of the great outdoors with others. This is a great opportunity for first time Africa hunters or those looking to add specific species available only in this area. Prices are inclusive of hunting costs. 

Contact Bryan Houser with the TBM Outdoor Fellowship for more information concerning this trip.  Bryan served as an IMB missionary in this area for 15 years, and grew up in Africa. Has hunted Africa extensively and will lead this hunt.

     Bryan Houser
     (806) 372-6566 (office)
     (214) 763-1227 (cell)

Namibia is a politically stable country on the south-west coast of Africa, just north of South Africa. Typical travel is either through Europe, or direct flight into Johannesburg, South Africa, and then a connecting flight into the capital city of Windhoek, Namibia. An overnight stop is planned for Windhoek to recover from jet-lag.

Then, the hunting property is an approximate 5.5 hour drive north, near the Etosha National Park. The terrain varies from rugged hills (known locally as Koppies) to mixed open plains. The hunting ranch is huge, and you will not see all of the ranch in the time your are there. Wild elephants roam the area and are a source of concern to local ranchers due to the property damage they inflict. Leopard and cheetah are sometimes encountered. There are no cattle on the ranch.

Accommodation is not luxurious but is very adequate in cinder block rooms with running water/shower available. Meals are typically eaten in the thatch open-walled “lapa”; and sitting under the stars of the African sky around a warm fire in the evening is something you will never forget. 

Ministry opportunities can be arranged to coincide with this hunt, but have not yet been determined until the time schedule of the participants is known.  This is ideal for a Father/Son or Father/Daughter hunt.

Experience Africa  - With modern travel, many people go to Africa and think they have seen it all in 2 weeks, yet they miss out on so much of the local history and culture. On this trip, travel with Bryan Houser who has lived in the area for many years, and has continued to visit often. If you have ever thought of visiting Africa, this is an opportunity you should seriously consider. Many of your stereotypes will be misplaced as you visit this beautiful desert country.

Whether you have hunted Africa or not, there are always new challenges that await. The hunting on this ranch is typically done by fair-chase, spot and stalk methods. Bow hunting might be possible, but varies according to local laws.