Texas Baptist Men


TBM Rendezvous

The TBM Rendezvous is a Christ-centered historical camping event that takes place annually the first weekend in February at Latham Springs Baptist Encampment.  This Rendezvous is open to anyone that has an interest in historical camping (pre 1840's) and sharing Christ with others that have similar interests.

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Texas Baptist Men's

February 8-10, 2013
Latham Springs Baptist Encampment

Christ-Centered Doins - "No Drinkin' and No Cussin"

This is a great opportunity for men to come together for fellowship and ministry.  Pilgrims and boys are welcome to come and participate.

Rendezvos Information:

  Primitive and Modern Campsites 

  Pre-1840 Dress "If you have it"

   Camp Fees: $10 per person 

   Plenty of Water - Bring Fire Wood 

   Traders are Welcome

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Rendezvous Events:

   Rife Shoot

   Pistol Shoot

   Knife & Hawk

   Primitive Archery

   Fire Starting

   Domestic Skills

   Cooking Contest

   Primitive Camp Contest 


Contact Information:

    Randy Muirhead - "Booshway"
    (972) 351-6190 (c)
    Click here to contact me

   Keith Mack - "Wind-Breaker"
   (214) 707-2840 (c)

   Click here to contact me

Contact us if you are interested in running an event.  We look forward to seeing you sitting around the fire and spending time listening to what God is doing in your life.