Texas Baptist Men


Restorative Justice


In the beginning was Dungeon Ministry. This was an effort of the family and friends to provide food, clothing and some medications to the dungeon so prisoners would not die of starvation and exposure. If the chief ingredient necessary to stop crime was fear, the time of dungeons would certainly have put an end to it. The days of dungeons has stil not passed as many third world countries today still have dungeon type facilities. In Nigeria, there is a church which takes food three times each week to prison to feed one of the church members in order to keep him alive. The words of the pastor describe the primitive situation there. He said, "They (the prisoners) are dying like flies in there".

The next phase was Jail and Prison Ministry. From city and county jails to state and federal prisons, Christians would go into the jails and prisons to witness to and preach about Jesus. On various occassions music would be provided to add variety to the evangelistic efforts of Christians. The focus was primarily evangelistic in nature.

Criminal Justice Ministry includes ministry to and support for offenders and their family as well as correctional officers and their family.