Texas Baptist Men


Restorative Justice

Offender Families

TBM seeks to support the efforts of hospitality houses and visitor centers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of offender families as well as providing space for Bible study and ministry to correctional staff. 


Visiting Room Hospitality

In coorporation with the warden and chaplain, a Visiting Room Hospitality program is established where local church volunteers provide hospitality and child care and serve as hosts in the visiting room of the institutioin during visiting hours greeting families and providing refreshments. They visit with and counsel visitors as they await the arrival of their inmate loved one. The volunteers also provide child care, coloring books and reading material in the visiting area for children who may become restless during the visit. 

Such programs are inexpensive to establish. However, they do require Christians who are willing to participate in a hands-on-ministry with hurting people. Virtually every person who enters the prison visiting room will experience stress and pain during their visit. The hospitality program provides a bit of God's grace in a harsh and legalistic environment.

Hospitality Ministry is a way of making the church revelant to may people who have been virtually untouched by a church. Inmates and visitors are impacted by this type of program. When a church gives support to the stressed out loved one of a prisoner, he/she will never again think of the church in the same way. This ministry validates the claims of the church to many people who have not previously entertained those claims. It is much easier for them to understand God's love when it is exemplified in the lives of church people in the hospitality ministry.


Hospitality Houses

Hospitality Houses are provided by non-profit community organizations to accomodate the lodging needs of offender families. The moment a person is imprisoned an entire family goes into crisis. Most prison systems do not consider family unification an important part of the rehabilitation process. As a result, many families must travel great distances to see their incarcerated loved ones. Due to the great distances and cost of travel, many will sleep in their cars in order to save precious resources for the trip home.

On May 23-24 o f1986, Texas Baptist Men built the first hospitaltiy house in Texas and only the second in the country. The Hospitality House in Huntsville has been the model for others across Texas. These faciliites provide lodging in clean and secure quarters where families can gather together in a large family room where they can come to know others in similar situations. Volunteers from local churches provide a caring touch and a Gospel witness.

Donated items are needed and are listed on the website of each house.


Eunice Chambless Hospitality House

Tim & Yogi Christesson, Directors

13378 FM 3522

Abilene, Texas 79601

(325) 548-2180

Email: ychristesson@yahoo.com




Hope Welcome Center

Don & Vickie Blankenship, Directors

9400 Amarillo Blvd, East

Amarillo, Texas 79017

(806) 378-9967

Email: hopewc.ama@gmail.com



Shepherd's Inn Hospitality House

James "Big Jim" Salles - Board President (bigjim@clcibiz)

CLIC Executive Assistant - patricia@clci.biz

2689 65th Street

Port Arthur, Texas 77640

(409) 736-3980

Online Reservation: http://christianlifecrisis.org/prison_family_ministry.html




Big Spring Hospitality House

1202 West 4th Street

Big Spring, Texas 79720

Carlos & Nancy Escelante, Directors

(432) 263-5752

Email: contact@xroadsba.org



Samaritan House

1325 Westpoint Ave.

Colorado City, Texas 79512

(325) 728-2399




Central Texas Hospitality House

James & Martha Parrish, Directors

708 Hwy 35 West

PO Box 124

Gatesville, Texas 76528

(254) 404-2260

Email: cthospitalityhouse@gmail.com




Huntsville Hospitality House

Debra McCammon, Executive Direcot

912 10th Street

Huntsville, Texas 77340


Email: director@thehospitalityhouse.org




Haven of Hope

Edna Walker, Director

214 North Lindsey

New Boston, Texas 75570

(903) 628-0923 or (903) 276-2193

Email: ewhosphse@aol.com



East Texas Prison Hospitality House

John & Debbie Gleason

406 FM 2054

Tennessee Colony, Texas 75861


Email: jvq15@embarqmail.com



Visitor Centers

These are day use facilities build in collaboration between the community and the correctional institution. The facility in constructed on prison property just outside or adjacent to the check-in sentry variously known as the "outside picket" or "front gate" of a prison complex. The Visitor Center serves as a way station for visitors to the facility. When visitors come to visit their loved ones, they have access to restroom and a place to wait while their prisoner loved one is being brought to the visiting area. They are provided with friendship and counseling from the ministry staff (community volunteers provided by local churches). This is a merciful ministry. It serves to validate the Church among people who really need to know that the Church actually is interested in the hurting people of our society. The prison does not enter into management of the center but does provide utilities and maintenance.


Regional Criminal Justice Ministry Center of South Texas

Highway 202 at Entrance to Chase Field

PO Box 4056

Beeville, Texas 78104-4056

Email: rcjministry@gmail.com




Regional Family Resource Center

527 West Belknap St.

PO Box 402

Jacksboro, Texas 76458




PACT Family Visitor Center

Coffield - Michael Units

John & Debbie Gleason

406 FM 2054

Tennessee Colony, Texas 75861

(903) 928-0166

Email: dtba@suddenlinkmail.com



Entrance at Hightower Unit in Dayton

David Williams - Director of Missions

Trinity River Baptist Association

PO Box 1269

Liberty, Texas 77575

(936) 336-9232

Email: david@trbatexas.org



Entrance to Telford Unit

Edna Walker, Director

3899 State Hwy 98

New Boston, Texas 75570

(903) 628-0923



Skyview - Hodge Family Visitor Center

Jackie & Peggie Davis, Directors

365 County Rd 2792

Rusk, Texas 75785-0155

(903) 683-4344