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Please pre-register for services for your group before 5:00 p.m. on November 1st:

Missions Mania Participants: (The registration fee for each Missions Mania participant is $10.00

per person after the November 1st pre-registration deadline. Each Missions Mania participant
that is pre-registered by November 1st receives a discounted rate of $7.00 per person.)

Missions Mania Group Information

Please enter below the names for each person in your group. Select their age or grade.  Please indicate which campers will participate in the Missions Mania activities.  Then click button to the right to add new entry.

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Meal Tickets:

Meal Tickets are available for those who would like hot meals.

 (After November 1 st – Meal Tickets are subject to availability.)

Choose number of meals below Note: Prices are based

 on per person meal tickets

Number of Campers

Campsites: (Campsites are $5.00 per person per night. Campsites can accommodate up to 25 campers.

Larger groups will be assigned extra campsites. Each Campsite measures 50'x50' with 50' of parking
space. Additional parking in overflow area.)

Choose number of campers below Note: Prices are based on per camper



RV Information:

(A limited amount of RV Spaces with electrical and sewer hook-ups are available on a first come-first served basis. RV Spaces are $15.00 for each slot per night for two persons.)

Choose number of RV slots needed below Note: Extra Campers ($5.00 per person)



Cabin Bunks:

(Bunks are available at $20.00 per person per night. Campers will need to bring their own bedding. Please note that there are no meal preparation facilities in the cabins.
No fires are allowed in or around the cabins.)

Choose number of cabin bunks needed below


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