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Royal Ambassadors Events

Boys like participating in events with their leaders and other boys. State RA events provides an opportunity for RA groups to engage in mission education events and meet other RA groups. The following links and information provide basic information for the state events and ideas for planing and conducting group and associational events.

Interest Activities

Interest activities are an important part of Royal Ambassador work. Interest activities include camping, games, sports, campcraft, hobbies, crafts, physical fitness, and many other similar activities. These are all planned within the framework of the boy’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

All activities planned for boys should have plenty of boy appeal. Boys enjoy doing things and like to have fun in the process. Interest activities create a great deal of enthusiasm among boys and are one of the primary avenues for learning new skills.

On-Mission Activities

On-mission activities are at the very heart of Royal Ambassadors. These activities are designed to help expand the RAs knowledge and to help them give expression to their Christian commitment. Their service through on-mission activities extends their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring all people to Christ and glorify God.

To achieve its purpose, a missions activity must have a purpose and be well-planned. Involve the chapter members in planning the project, and incorporate their ideas into the plans. These activities can be directed toward the following nine mission fields. The ages at which RAs are capable of grasping the impact of the activities is included in parentheses.

Individual: Personal; One-on-One; Someone who needs Christ and His discipleship; Beginning with me and my neighbor. (All ages)

Family: Those in my immediate care, living in the same household, who are related by blood or experiences of growing up together. (All ages)

Church: The Body of Christ and the People of God with whom I worship and grow; Those who support me and are supported; Includes the visitors to be welcomed and invited to become a disciple, beginning with the person sitting next to me in the pew or the classroom. (All ages)

School: Individuals I relate to within a school setting; from support persons to executive staff; Beginning with the person in the desk, office, or locker next to mine. (All ages)

Community: Individuals and families that live in proximity to me; beginning with my next door neighbor and beyond. (All ages)

Association: A collection of communities within a geographic or cultural identity; beginning in my own association and beyond. (Page 4, Squire 5, Knight 6)

State: A collection of associations within a state boundary; beginning with my own state and beyond. (Page 4, Squire 5, Knight 6)

Country: A collection of states within a specified boundary; beginning with my own country and beyond. (Squire 5, Knight 6)

World: The beyond; the uttermost parts; the remote; the unfamiliar; reached and unreached people groups. (Knight 6)