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Royal Ambassadors Songs

Click on the links below to view and download songs,  video clips, sheet music and lyrics concerning the RA Songs.
To Download Files: Right Click on the File name and select "Save Target As."

     RA Song 2008 - MP3 File  RA Song 2008 - Sheet Music 
     RA Song 1968 Revised - MP3 File RA Song 2008 - Lyrics Sheet
     RA Song - The King's Business - MP3 File     RA Song 2008 - Lyrics Power Point 
  RA Song 1968 Revised - Sheet Music 
     RA Song 2008 - Video Clip MP4  RA Song 1968 - Sheet Music 
     RA Song 2008 - Teaching Video Clip MP4       RA Song 1908-1967 - The King's Business Sheet Music 


Click on the  Audio files below to play the RA Songs or the Video files to view the motions for the 2008 RA Song.