Disaster Relief News

TBM provides meals, showers in Pecos

Texas Baptist Men will be joining relief efforts in Pecos, Texas, beginning today, providing fresh-cooked meals and shower facilities for evacuees and first responders dealing with the flooding situation.

Update on TBM and the Texas Border

Texas has found itself at the front and center of the crisis at the border and I am proud that Texas Baptist Men have shown that Jesus’ love crosses borders, languages and cultures.

TBM in the Twin Cities

Time to Revive is working with 43 local churches and 6,000 + local volunteers to help facilitate revival in the Twin Cities.

Unaccompan​ied Children Update

We want to bring you up-to-date with what is happening with TBM and the people coming across the border. There are two distinct groups of people the news media lumps together. First, there are the unaccompanied minor children who are 3-17 years old. Second, there are family groups with adults and children together.

Wandering Souls - A Desperate Situation

To see the faces of small children, young boys and girls, young women with the children, some scared, others not really understanding why they are here, yet others looking totally lost and hopeless, truly broke our hearts.