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The water crisis affects 800 million people. These are people who are suffering just because of where they were born. 3.5 million lives are lost a year due to no water, bad water and poor hygiene. Water affects health, development, economy, agriculture,education, employment, and so much more.


Let me walk you through a day in the life of a typical village woman:

Get up before dawn, and walk up to 3 hours to get water. Hopefully, there will be no men ambushing her for their sex trade business. As she approaches the water, she needs to be wary of crocodiles hiding in the reeds. Her friend was snatched away earlier that week, so the women gather rocks to throw into the water to scare them away before wading in to fill their buckets. All went well, this time, and she walks back home carrying 40lbs of water, and her baby on her back.

Her next decision is how best to use the water. It is full of parasites and bacteria. She would like to boil it to prepare the family meal, but doesn’t have fuel. It is too expensive, and collecting wood is an all day task. If she gives the family water without boiling it, they will suffer from diarrhea which can be life threatening, and they will get leeches which live in her open water source. To rid themselves of the leeches they use a stick and scrape the back of their throat or swallow a little diesel fuel. OR, should she use the water to wash the children’s uniforms so they will be allowed back in school, or water the garden so they have food to eat. These are daily decisions they must face. BUT



The Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry has served in 72 countries. We supply life saving water filters, drill and repair water wells, and teach basic hygiene. We have a motto:

SHARE God’s word and His love by working alongside those in need

EQUIP local teams by giving them all the tools and equipment needed, such as providing a drilling rig, sending a team to train them so they can drill and repair their own wells, and to teach other communities good hygiene methods (10,000 children die each day from dehydration caused by diarrhea due to water related issues and bad hygiene. 90% could have been avoided).

PROVIDE dignity in the fact that they can take care of themselves,  and the hope of a better future. We don’t give charity, we give opportunity!






-Filter kit for bucket providing clean water for one family                $30

-Water bag filter providing clean water for one family                       $50

-Donate for a larger filtration system supply multi families          $2,500

-Pump repair kit                                                                                    $150

-Well recovery (repair broken existing wells)                                 $1,500

-Donate a drilling rig                                                                          $6,500                                   

-Donate supplies for drilling, PVC , concrete, etc                          $1,500

-Donate travel expenses for two drillers, one hygiene trainer     $10,000

-Donate for supplies for the hygiene classes                                   $200

-Donate a water well hand pump                                                        $450

-Soap business start up for local women                                        $1,000

-Donate for an entire drill/hygiene project                                      $18,150                                                                                                                                            

 This is a great example of God’s people working shoulder to shoulder bringing Glory to God! Won’t you join us in the work God has given us?


For Donations:

Checks (IMPORTANT: WRITE “WATER MINISTRY” on the memo line)

 Texas Baptist Men
5351 Catron
Dallas, Texas 75227



Click HERE

“select a fund” scroll down to Water-either purification or drilling


Thank you for helping us serve. If you have any questions feel free to contact me:


DeeDee Wint

Vice President Water Ministry