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Current Water Ministry Projects


Iquitos, Peru

Water4 TBM partnership

Location: Iquitos, Peru

Project: Meet our new drilling team in Iquitos!

TBM has partnered with Water4 in training and equipping this team in water well drilling. They have completed their second well and are on to the next. Pictured with them are TBM members Phil Davenport and Mike Tello, and Water4 member Daniel. Great work guys!

Drilling in Iquitos, Peru

Date: Beginning May 2017

Status: Ongoing



Clean water in Peru

Location: Iquitos, Peru

Project: Drill Training, sustainability training, bookkeeping, budgeting, setting up water systems in the jungle. Besides the classroom training the local team will be given a drilling rig and all the tools necessary to continue the work.

We will be working with Water4, and a local Peruvian church developing a working team of well drillers. They will be supplying the area with clean drinking water. The price that locals pay for their water is often as much as 43% of their monthly income. The new wells will be mostly in the church yards of the mission churches. They plan to drill two wells a month the next 1 1/2 year.

Date: Beginning May 2017

Status: Ongoing




Well in Ghana

Location: Bole, and Tuna, Northern Region

Project: Drill two water wells, Well recovery and pump training, WASH (Hygiene) training

We will be working with Zion Community Church and Mobile Care Mission Ghana. The Northern Region is extremely dry forcing most women to walk up to 6 miles a day for water. The animals are suffering, growing crops in the dry season is impossible. They have so little water washing is not a consideration. They must use every drop for drinking and cooking. This causes many health issues. The area is remote and ignored by the government and other ministries. There are some wells that are not operating and because the local people have no training in repair they simply walk away and travel to the next village. We will be equipping (providing tools, parts), and training a local team from the church how to fix them. This will not only provide the much needed water but an opportunity to plant churches and disciple.

Status: Active

Date: June 2017



Sierra Leone

Hygiene training in Sierra Leone

Location: Kono District, Small Sefadu, and Sewafe

Project: Train local team WASH (hygiene), teach surrounding areas, had 75 professions of faith from lessons

Status: Active

Date: November 2016




Well in Vietnam

Location: Various

Project: Provide water well at a church, which will provide water for the community and allow opportunities for them to have not only clean water but learn about the ‘Living Water” Christ provides.

Status: Active

Date: October-November 2017




Tonle Sap Lake

Location: Phnom Penh, Tonle Sap lake

Project: Tonle Sap lake is home to over 1,000,000 ethnic Vietnamese. They live on the lake and use lake water for their drinking, bathing, laundry, toilet.  We will be working with EvanTell to provide filters for several church planters who live on the lake, and a Christian school. These filters will be a source of clean water and an avenue to tell of the “Living Water” of Christ as they share the water.

Status: Active

Date:  October-November 2017




Philippine water well

Location: Rosario, La Union, Luzon Philippines

Project: Drill two water wells for a community north of Manila, train a local team in drilling techniques, leave the equipment for an ongoing drilling ministry.

Train local team WASH (hygiene), teach in surrounding villages

The International Baptist Church Manila has established several churches in a small community north of Manila. They don’t have a source of clean water. We will be drilling on the church property. The new well will provide water for the church and be a source for the surrounding area, drawing them to the church. Hopefully, it will lead to opportunities for the church to minister to neighbors physically while meeting their spiritual needs.

Status: Active

Working with International Baptist church Manila, contact: Pastor Roderick Jacinto

Date: Spring 2017




Location: Alamikimba, eastern Nicaragua a remote village

Project: Drill water wells and train a local team to continue the work. Teach and train local leaders WASH/health and hygiene. Working with Restore Hope Arlington First Baptist Church. Drill 2 water wells, teach local team recommended by the local church how to drill, leave all equipment with them to continue their ministry. They will take the rig up and down the river drilling for other villages who depend on their water from a contaminated river. With each drilling project local residents will learn basic hygiene methods that will improve their health and even save lives. 

Status: Active

Date: Winter 2018