The Water Purification team builds systems with various components, according to the needs of the area being served. We are proud that our filters are made in the U.S. and have been confirmed by a FDA-registered lab to remove harmful bacteria and reduce or remove virus.

Here are some of the systems we build and train others to build:

A gravity drip system using plastic buckets is ideal for small families or areas where there is no electricity. Simple construction techniques make these systems easy to build and maintain.


A ceramic filter containing silver-impregnated activated carbon is placed between plastic buckets. Water is filtered as it flows from the top bucket to the bottom.

Small, suitcase-sized units are used in areas where electricity is available. They're typically used at disaster scenes to provide clean water for kitchens, laundries and showers.

Multiple stages of filtration screen out contaminants as small as 1/2 micron in diameter. A recent design improvement enables the unit to put out 6 gallons of filtered water every minute.

To purchase one of the filter systems or additional parts, please contact Ron Mathis at